Peace Process Support Program focuses on peacebuilding activities-- creating and strengthening the new or existing mechanisms that is the most appropriate approach to the unique nature of the country. These include the followings:  


Nurturing Youth Peacebuilders Program focuses on capacity building of youth with the potential to become strong leaders and advocates for their communities so that they are capable of developing civil society and strengthen civic engagement in their respective communities while h


Program focuses on providing our support to some of our partner organizations that need our organization's assistance in their project implementation and organization development to become strong Community Based Organizations.


Research and Policy Advocacy Program focuses on developing policies that reflect real concerns and issues of the grassroots community in the States those are needed to be addressed in cooperation with respective key stakeholders including State governments and parliaments while a

Let's Make JustPeace a Reality!

Our Value

In order to fulfill civic duty and responsibilities in peace-building and state-building, the staff of Nyein Foundation will dedicate themselves to the following values in their work.

  1. Active Citizenship 
  2. Mutual Respect
  3. Gender Equality
  4. Integrity
  5. Trustworthiness
  6. Responsibility and Accountability 
  7. Good leadership
  8. Cooperation
  9. Collaboration to find solutions
  10. Equality among staff
  11. Accepting and Celebrating Diversity
  12. Placing Great Value on "JustPeace"
  13. Environmentally-Conscious and Respect for Resources