Peace Process Support Program focuses on peacebuilding activities-- creating and strengthening the new or existing mechanisms that is the most appropriate approach to the unique nature of the country. These include the followings:  


Nurturing Youth Peacebuilders Program focuses on capacity building of youth with the potential to become strong leaders and advocates for their communities so that they are capable of developing civil society and strengthen civic engagement in their respective communities while h


Program focuses on providing our support to some of our partner organizations that need our organization's assistance in their project implementation and organization development to become strong Community Based Organizations.


Research and Policy Advocacy Program focuses on developing policies that reflect real concerns and issues of the grassroots community in the States those are needed to be addressed in cooperation with respective key stakeholders including State governments and parliaments while a

Let's Make JustPeace a Reality!

Peace Center

About Peace Center

Peace Center is located in Nawng Nang village, 11th mile from Myitkyina, Kachin State  and was funded by the Grassroots Grant Assistance of and government and the people of Japan. Foundation laying ceremony was held on 8 January 2001 by Secretary 1 of the State Peace and Development Council together with several ethnic leaders and opened on December 3, 2001.



  1. To honor and acknowledge the efforts and commitment of Nation Leaders, Ethnic Leaders and peace-loving people who strove for achieving peace and tranquility in Kachin State
  2. To sow and nurture the seeds of peace in the minds of the future generations
  3. To remember our late peace builders who were unique and worthy of admiration for their tireless efforts and their dedication for peace. And also for the inspiration for maintaining long and lasting peace by visiting to the Peace Center
  4. To transfer peace education, knowledge and concepts & theories that are greatly supportive of maintaining unity among different ethnic nationalities and long lasting peace through multiple sub-trainings.
  5. To provide various capacity building trainings to the youths for their all-round development and other trainings that are supportive of attaining peace & tranquility and rule of law in accord with the existing State's policies.
  6. To attain more understanding of each other by sharing one own traditions, culture and customs that helps for sustaining peace and strengthen Union Spirit among different ethnic nationalities.
  7. To be able to enjoy the peace and tranquility to the people who visit and relax at the Center



11 Mile, Gaw Nan Village, Nawng Nang Tract, Myitkyina,  Kachin State.

Located on the highway between Myitkyina and Sumprabum



  • Main Building
  • Complex House (accommodation available for twenty-six people)
  • Row House (accommodation available for eighteen people)
  • Dining Hall & Kitchen