Vision & Goal & Stance

Vision & Goal & Stance


Envisaging a just and peaceful society for all the peoples in Myanmar; a society that practices good governance, recognizes the diversity, and fosters the culture of nonviolence in addressing the related issues.


Our goal is to build sustainable peace in Myanmar with justice and a state that protects diversity by effectively supporting inclusive processes. We aim to achieve our goals by working with partners and stakeholders to:

  • Increase inclusion and participation in the peace process through the linking of peace negotiations with key stakeholders, including civil society and grassroots communities.
  • Increase engagement with government policy makers and other key decision makers to achieve policy change to ensure people’s rights.
  • Increase the capacity of individuals and groups to participate effectively in peace building and state building.


Nyein Foundation is an independent non-governmental organization which was not founded on any religious, ethnic and political basis. Nyein Foundation is willing to collaborate with any organization congruent with its developmental concept to work on peace-building and state-building processes. Nyein Foundation endeavors to ensure the participation and collaboration of civil-society organizations to achieve its goals.