To address the causes of conflict and their mutually reinforcing patterns, we focus our work at the personal and socio-political levels through the implementation of four contextual strategies that we’ve created over the time that we’ve developed our expertise in our field. Results have shown us that these inter-linked strategies are effective in lessening the negative, vicious cycles and patterns leading to violence and conflict, whilst simultaneously supporting the development of inclusive structures.

Stopping Violence
We promote dialogue at all levels in society as an alternative to violence, and build trust among government and ethnic leaders.

Building Trust
We work with groups both within society (e.g. within ethnic and religious groups) and across society (at the grassroots, middle and top leadership levels).

Empowering People
Through our education programs and activities, we provide knowledge and skills for people at community and regional leadership levels to exercise their constitutional rights.

Developing Inclusive Systems
We influence decision-makers to increase inclusivity of systems to promote the equality of marginalized people.