Community Peace Support Project

Community Peace Support Project
Community Peace Support Project

Project Period: January 2020 to March 2021


The safety and security of conflict-affected communities in both NCA and non-NCA areas are ensured through the implementation of Community Peace Support (CPS) program to address conflict-related violence and conflict-related issues in Kachin, Kayah, Northern Shan, Southern Shan and Mon.


Peace Observers and CSOs/CBOs, community leaders etc. received technical trainings and supports to effectively implement community peace support mechanisms


Community peace support mechanisms established and sensitization on the functions is conducted among communities


Coordination mechanism between CPS units (Peace Observers, Township Coordinators, CPS committees, Secretariat Team), civil society, JMC- U/S/L, other sub-national formal conflict resolution mechanism and relevant authorities is initiated and enhanced in project areas.


Key stakeholders ie, Government, EAOs, JMC, Hluttaw and other sub-national formal conflict resolution mechanism are advocated to the increased engagement and participation in the Community Peace Support mechanism based on the findings from the communities and policy recommendations collectively developed by APPM members.

Implementation Partners

  1. Mon State CSOs’ Peace Support Committee, Mon State
  2. Civilian Peace Support Organization (Paung Sie Ayar), Kachin State.
  3. Community Peace Support Team, Northern Shan State.
  4. New Generation (Shan State) Community Peace Support Group, Southern Shan State.
  5. Kayah State Peace Monitoring Network – KSPMN, Kayah State

Core Activities

  • Basic and Intermediate Peace Support Training for Peace Observer
  • Technical Training for Community Peace Support partners
  • Capacity Development Training to CPS partners 
  • Peace Support Training for Community
  • Regular Peace Support Activities
  • Regular Meeting of State/ Township Level Committee members
  • Coordination Meeting
  • Union, State and Township Level Stakeholder Engagement Meeting

Project Areas

Kachin State (10 Townships)

Kayah State (7 Townships)

Mon State (9 in Mon State +1 in Kayin State=10 Townships)

Southern Shan State (12 Townships)

Northern Shan State (10 Townships)