Dialogue among Diversity (DaD)

Dialogue among Diversity (DaD)
Dialogue among Diversity (DaD)

Communal Peace and Harmony in Kachin State

Specific objective 1: To promote mutual respect and tolerance among youth from different faith and ethnicity.
Specific objective 2: To create a platform for communal dialogue

Project Period and Areas
1st June 2018 to 31st Dec 2018
Kachin State (Moegaung, PutaO, Myitkyina, Waingmaw)

  1. Project Orientation
  2. 2 times Interfaith peacebuilding awareness and Dialogue Facilitation training
  3. 10 times one or half day of Dialogues sessions
  4. State level Annual Interfaith Youth forum/Seminar in Kachin State