Kachin Education Consortium (KEC)

Kachin Education Consortium (KEC)
Kachin Education Consortium (KEC)


By the end of 2020 all KEC school children have an opportunity to access quality basic education through mother tongue continuously.


  1. To promote collaboration among Kachin Ethnic Education Service Providers in Kachin State and Northern Shan State and the consortium members of Kachin Education Foundation (KEF), KIO-ED, Northern Shan State Kachin Baptist Union Church Based Education (SJN-CBE), Metta Development Foundation (Metta), and Nyein (Shalom) Foundation.
  2. To envision to a sustainable national education policy
  3. To promote Multi Lingual Education and Mother Tongue based education system for more effectively for students to understand and more on the lessons
  4. To develop a common curriculum and to coordinate among education service providers so that their education policies are complement each other
  5. To organize Kachin Education Stakeholders through KEC for the development of common education framework on curriculum